Central Veterinary Institute

The Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen UR is the national reference laboratory (NRL) for fish and shellfish diseases in the Netherlands. The laboratory is certified for ISO-17025 for specific diagnostic tests and ISO-9001 for other activities. The fish and shellfish disease group performs diagnostics of (notifiable) fish and shellfish diseases, surveillance and detection of the non-exotic shellfish diseases Bonamia ostreae and Marteilia refringens, and exotic diseases when abnormal mortalities are observed in shellfish populations.

In addition to the NRL tasks, the laboratory performs diagnostics, research and advice for national and international governmental bodies, farmers, veterinarians and zoo’s. Research on shellfish diseases focuses on the haplosporidian oyster parasites: Bonamia ostreae and Haplosporidium armoricanum and the association of the bacterium Nocardia crassostreae with summer mortalities in oysters.

The group recently participated in two EU supported projects directed at diagnostic methods and standardisation and validation of methods in aquaculture (PANDA and EPIZONE (ongoing)) and was partner in the project on the epidemiology of agents causing disease in aquatic animals of the European Food Safety Authorities (EFSA) in 2009.

Central Veterinary Institute

P.O. Box 65

8200 AB Lelystad

The Netherlands

Tel. : 31 320 238729

Fax : 31 320 238153

Contact : Marc Engelsma