WP5-T2 Recommendations for surveillance and diagnosis

Participants :

  • 1 - IFREMER
  • 2 - CSIC
  • 3 - UCC
  • 5 - IRTA

These recommendations will focus on pathogens targeted in WP3 Task 1 and potentially new unknown pathogens identified through WP2 Task 4.

These recommendations will be established from data obtained in previous Workpackages especially from WP3 Task 2, WP4 Task 2, and WP5 Task 2.

These recommendations will aim at producing guidelines for sampling and surveillance of pathogens of interest for oyster and mussel culture by identifying:

  1. the most suitable diagnostic tools,
  2. the nature and size of samples (susceptible species and also other compartments of the field known to carry the pathogens) that should be tested,
  3. the most suitable period and sites for sampling.