WP5-T3 Recommendations for pathogen control in controlled culture conditions (hatcheries, nurseries) and in open water ongrowing sites

Participants :

  • 1 - IFREMER
  • 2 - CSIC
  • 3 - UCC
  • 5 - IRTA
  • 9 - CEFAS
  • 11 - ATLANTIUM

These recommendations will focus on pathogens targeted in WP3 Task 1.

These recommendations will be established from data obtained in Task 1 of the present WP as well as from data recorded in the database (WP3 - Task 4).

These recommendations will aim at proposing biosecurity measures for

  1. maintaining a free status regarding pathogens of interest in a controlled area especially by suggesting water treatments, decontamination treatments of imported animals, of materials and equipments used in the controlled areas
  2. containment and eradication in case of an outbreak by suggesting treatments of water effluents, destruction of animals and decontamination of materials and equipments.

WP2 will investigate management practices and environmental factors that may influence the impact of diseases (in terms of morbidity and mortality). Eliminating pathogens from open systems is generally not practical.

Thus, WP5 - Task 3 will use the outputs from WP2 (i.e.risk factors for diseases and mortality) to develop recommendations and advice for shellfish farmers to minimise the impact of for disease control in open water sites. However, in case of the results from WP2 may not be sufficiently clear cut for advice to be immediately promoted; WP5 - Task 3 will focus only on developing proposals to test management strategies indicated by the results.