WP6-T2 IP Protection

The protection of the foreground IP will be led by a specific Intellectual Property Committee constituted of one representative of the SME Atlantium and one representative from each other partners preferably associated with technology transfer, and receiving advice or external assistance from independent experts in Intellectual Property. The basic premise is that some work may lead to inventions (i.e. HOD technology) or know-how (diagnosis methods) and should therefore be considered for protection of intellectual property rights and for commercial exploitation. The IP committee will have available all information in the course of BIVALIFE to decide upon any patent filing and further process or method developed for the project by the different partners. In this task, the IP committee will be managed by the AFLCC.

Confidentiality issues: all consortium partners may decide that information should be kept confidential within the partnership, whenever their interests should be preserved. The IP committee will decide to delay publications where patent protection is required and keep confidential the main know-how for further transfer to end-users. As mentioned below, appropriate means of legal protection will be considered at each stage of development from
proof of concept onwards. Dissemination of results will be encouraged when possible and not contradictory with the exploitation strategy of the participants.