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CNRS is the largest research agency from France covering all the fields of knowledge.

The LEMAR, Laboratory of Environmental Marine Sciences, in the IUEM (Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer) has the objective to study interactions between organism and environment and to perform modelling of marine systems in the biosphere. The team “Host-pathogen interactions” is established since 1995 and is a recognized for its expertise in bacterial disease in molluscs, particularly vibriosis in bivalves.

Contact : Christine Paillard

The Pathogen & Environment laboratory, located in Montpellier (France), within the Join Research Unit 5119 Ecosym is carrying out researches on relationships between bivalves and bacteria, including environmental microbiology, antimicrobial peptides, signal transduction pathway, an EST library of bacteria challenged mussels and several microarrays.

Contact : Philippe Roch

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Scientific contact : Christine Paillard