WP1- Project management

The main objective of Work package 1 is the organisation of the management of BIVALIFE: a system for taking decisions in respect of the project schedule, delivery dates and appropriate progression of the collaborative work.

An Administrative, Financial and Legal Co-ordination Committee - AFLCC led by the co-ordinator has been created. The AFLCC is composed of the project co-ordinator, the WP leaders and the scientist in charge from every contractor. The AFLCC manage the corresponding aspects of the project and include a representative of each participant and a responsible for development and legal aspects. This committee will develop a strong relationship with the EC legal and financial Officer, will be in charge of the preparation of annual financial reports.

Four meetings of the AFLCC will be planned during the course of the project. A representative of the European Molluscs Producers Association (EMPA), the umbrella body for EU shellfish associations and, a representative of DG SANCO and DG RTD will be systematically invited at each meeting.

More specifically, AFLCC activities will be the following:

  • administrative activities: EC report edition, meeting organisation and drafting of minutes;
  • financial activities: monitoring of costs and resources statements, distribution of the EC subvention to the partners;
  • legal issues: monitoring Consortium Agreement by the partners, negotiation for amendments.

In order to ensure the transparency and the quality control of the implementation of the management procedures of the project, the AFLCC will draw up a handbook on the management procedures (i.e. Quality management plan) of the project. This management plan is intended for all partners in order to ensure the consistency of project outcomes. The document will aim to be a practical reference guide and tool for Committee members, WP
leaders, and partners through the course of the project.

The coordinator will be the representative of the Consortium in interacting with the European Commission Project Officer and ensuring submission of interim and final EC reports and all deliverables on time. Regular communication with partners will keep them informed of developments at the EC level and include regular reminders of reporting obligations well in advance of the due dates.

The AFLCC ensures also the communication between all the partners, via the design of a website, via the kick-off meeting of the project, via visits and e-mail and phone contacts. A particular effort will be made to inform all the partners regularly of the progress of the project in general, in order to maintain a common objective. A web site will be created on the server of the co-ordinator facilitating nformation exchange between partners.